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Hager Offers Presence Detector with Two-zone Constant Light Control

Adding to its extensive range of conventional and bus-compatible occupancy detectors, Hager is offering the Tebis KNX TCC530E multichannel presence detector.

The Tebis KNX TCC530E provides an automatic mode as well as a semi-automatic mode. As a multi-function device for ETS programming, the presence detector has a light channel with presence/brightness detection and two monitoring channels for motion detection, which can be used for example, to control heating.

A technical highlight is the possibility of a two-zone constant light control, allowing two zones to be controlled with one device. For example, in an office, an occupied desk in Zone 1 could be 100% lit, with the remaining area in Zone 2 lit by only 50%. At the same time, if the brightness sensor on the Tebis KNX TCC530 senses that the incidental/natural light has exceeded a predetermined value, the device could dim the lights in both zones to setpoints, or turn them off completely.

Moreover, the detector provides a master/slave function, and an automatic mode and a semi-automatic mode. Operation is either via the control panel or by remote control. The Hager EE807 remote for example, allows control of parameters such as brightness, time delay or presence message, and can control up to four EE808 presence detectors, to turn lights on and off for example.

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