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STEINEL Offers Presence Control for KNX Systems with its PRO IR Quattro Slim Sensor

Live life conveniently and save energy too.
More quality of life, more safety and security and more energy saved with intelligent sensor technology from STEINEL.

Light ‘ON’/’OFF’ – automatically.

The world’s slimmest presence detector. Presence Control PRO IR Quattro Slim with KNX interface. For controlling lighting with brightness control and HVAC controller for the KNX bus. Sensor technology is a must in many buildings today, but not without aesthetic appeal. This is precisely where the Control PRO IR Quattro SLIM infrared presence detector comes in. With an overall depth of just 4 mm, it can be installed almost flush with the ceiling where it remains practically invisible to anyone looking up. As the only one of its kind in the world, the retina lens deserves attention. Installed at a height of up to 4 metres and despite being so slim, it provides a true presence detection zone of 16 m². Thanks to its extremely high-definition and ultra-precision sensor technology, the presence detector even responds to movements that are hardly visible to the human eye. The IR Quattro SLIM is also available in COM1, COM2 and DIM versions. It can also be operated by optional remote control.

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