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Wandsworth Group Turns to Traditional Concept for New KNX Rotary Sensor

The Wandsworth Group has launched the Jung KNX Rotary Sensor, bringing dimmer-style switching for KNX controls to the UK market for the first time.

Using the same turn or press operating concept as the traditional dimmer switch to provide incremental changes to the required setting, the new KNX Rotary Sensor from Wandsworth Group can be used for blinds, lighting or temperature controls. The innovation has already earned the new product two prestigious ‘Plus X Awards’ in Germany for ‘High Quality’ and ‘Ease of Use’ and has been designed to provide greater end user choice for wall mounted KNX controls.

Explains Wandsworth Group’s KNX technical specialist, Gordon Fry: “Wandsworth Group is the exclusive distributor of Jung products in the UK and the new KNX Rotary Sensor has been designed to look just like a conventional rotary dimmer so it is available in all Jung wiring accessory plate ranges, giving the end user plenty of aesthetic choices. However, this is much more than a conventional dimmer switch, extending the concept both in terms of functionality and range.”

The KNX Rotary Sensor can be used for controlling dimming, switching and blind actuators, for adjusting the target value of a temperature regulator or selecting a scene. Incorporating three binary inputs for connecting conventional, floating contacts of switches, buttons and magnetic devices, it has a much greater range than conventional dimmers and an acoustic signal generator provides a confirmation tone or alarm signal.

The range and functionality offered by the KNX Rotary Sensor means that it can be programmed to suit individual installations. For example, multiple luminaires can be controlled from a single rotary sensor with individual control of each unit provided by turning left, right or pushing the button.

Gordon continues, “One of the big advantages of KNX installations for the end user is that they can be tailored to meet specific requirements and the new KNX Rotary Sensor continues that emphasis on flexibility. It also acknowledges the fact that many end users want to combine state-of-the-art functionality with more traditional aesthetics and operation and we expect strong demand for the concept in the KNX market.”

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