xxter introduces innovative Smart Energy Manager

Optimise energy consumption and save up to 30% on energy bills with xxter’s Smart Energy Manager. Now more than ever, with global warming, other climate changes and the geopolitical situation, the energy transition is becoming more important every day. In this unprecedented energy crisis, energy management has become a high priority for building owners. xxter has […]

KNX Hackathon 2023: take part, get noticed and help the KNX community!

Thibaut Hox explains why anyone involved with using KNX to save energy should consider participating in the KNX Hackathon 2023. The KNX community is rich with solutions and full of useful data that shows how KNX can reduce energy consumption in homes and buildings, a benefit we are keen to share with the world. This […]

ABB Ability Building Analyzer enables significant energy savings and emissions reductions

For facility managers targeting energy efficiency, the ABB Ability™ Building Analyzer offers critical insights on building usage and utilities consumption New dynamic building intelligence system offers opportunities for energy savings of up to 20%, emissions reduction and maintenance costs savings Cloud-based solution provides an accessible real-time collection of buildings and utilities data, deep analytics, and […]

Theben LUXORliving smart home system supports energy monitoring with KNX

KNX system and energy monitoring bring savings as well as more comfort and safety. The Dutch housing company Woonborg built 36 new flats in Nieuw-Roden, Drenthe, and 32 flats in Haren, Groningen. In terms of energy efficiency, not only the mandatory BENG standard was taken into account, but also the stricter NOM (Zero-on-the-Meter) standard. To […]

The Customer Energy Management System: a tool to regain control over energy costs

With so much unpredictability in the energy market, Kurt Vermeylen describes how using an intelligent system to manage grid and self-generated power consumption can help reduce bills. Climate change has made the world realise that energy consumption must be reoriented to using renewable energy sources. In Belgium, The Government addressed this by offering discounts to […]

MDT offers new KNX Energy Meters for monitoring and controlling energy consumption

For smart energy use, consumption must be recorded, especially if a building also generates energy. For this reason, MDT has developed two KNX Energy Meters whose measured values can be used directly in the KNX system without an additional gateway. Both meters can be used as main and intermediate meters and record energy consumed and […]

Energy Management: the MAC1010 floating sustainability project

When the opportunity arose to purchase one of only two existing ex-naval barges, Luke Newland saw it as a chance to showcase his company’s most innovative energy management solutions. Climate change, rising energy costs and changes to building regulations are key issues that have brought sustainability to the forefront of the conversations we are having […]