KNX Security Proxy: what is it good for?

Joost Demarest explains how media couplers with KNX Security Proxy functionality can be used to integrate non-KNX-Secure installations with KNX Secure RF products. KNX Secure covers several use cases where KNX communication is limited to a group of authenticated devices, or the system communication as a whole is protected against eavesdropping or manipulation. In particular, […]

ETS Tips and Tricks: Archive Collaboration

Michael Critchfield explains how the ETS Project Archive with Collaboration Mode ensures you have the correct project version when working with colleagues and teams, and how the Linked Folders feature adds flexibility to where projects can be stored. The ETS6 Project Dashboard is the most powerful and feature-packed to date. KNX professionals can use the […]

System Reliability: dealing with the Internet

Simon Buddle argues that whilst KNX installations are inherently robust, if we add the Internet to our control system infrastructure, we should at least mitigate against outages and access issues. I heard on the radio last week someone describe Google as part of the infrastructure for modern day living. Indeed, the Internet is part of […]

Women in KNX: Annika Egloff-Schoenen on making women visible

Annika Egloff-Schoenen, CEO of Fachverlag Dr. H. Arnold GmbH and Editor-in-Chief of BusSysteme Magazine, reflects on the changing representation of women in the trades. KNXtoday: Tell us the story of your family’s company Fachverlag Dr. Helmut Arnold GmbH and your role within it. AE-S: My great-grandfather founded our publishing company as a newspaper and printing […]

IOTSWC24: KNX – Constantly on the Move

KNX, a robust and innovative technology, continuously improves while maintaining steadfast backward compatibility. This is proven through his historical evolvements, solid technical foundation, and central role in automation. Recent extensions, such as KNX Secure and KNX IoT development, combined with ongoing improvements, ensure it stays future-proof. With standardized interoperability and a 30+ year track record […]

KNX UK invites you to its Annual Conference and Awards 2024

Don’t miss the KNX UK Annual Conference and Awards 2024. Join the KNX UK National Group on 5th September 2024 at SAMA Bankside, London to network with experts in all aspects of KNX interoperable building automation and hear from industry leaders, and meet award-winning manufacturers. Learn vital information for everyone working in an environment that supplies or […]

AVE announces the TS-SMART10 touch screen for KNX systems – the evolution of supervision

The TS-SMART10 is the new flagship product in AVE’s KNX range. AVE’s innovative Touch Screen with 10″ colour display is able to perform as a local KNX supervisor; a feature that increases installation opportunities, while confirming AVE’s commitment to system integration. AVE combines an indoor video intercom and a home automation supervisor in a single […]