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Elsner Elektronik offers Jardana KNX irrigation control and Fabro KNX touch panel for outdoors applications

Jardana is the first automatic irrigation controller that can also be integrated into the KNX building bus system. The controller consists of a combination of hardware (valve unit, sensors) and associated app. Jardana can also be used independently of KNX as a stand-alone solution. 

Commissioning the irrigation system works according to the “plug & play” principle. Water and mains voltage are connected. Settings are made via the corresponding app. If required, Jardana generates its own WLAN, which enables it to be used in allotment gardens and on extensive properties.

The system is suitable for all types of irrigation, from drip irrigation to lawn sprinklers. Jardana has four valves that can be used to water four different zones. Four watering timers with different durations can be set for each zone. Additional soil sensors allow the irrigation to be optimised to the soil conditions and the needs of the plants. The sensors ensure that watering only takes place at the set watering times if the soil is too dry. It is advisable to bury a soil moisture sensor in the root area of the plants in each irrigation zone. This not only saves water, but also protects the plants from excessive watering.

If irrigation needs to be stopped because the garden is being used or if an extra portion of water needs to be provided, this can all be controlled via the app using a smartphone or tablet. If Jardana is integrated into the home’s KNX system, further options are available. Irrigation can then be monitored and operated via a home control panel or garden touch display. 

The Fabro KNX touch panel is ideal for this because it is designed for outdoor use. The large display and control areas can be customised to suit individual requirements. For example, to quickly start and stop watering or to monitor which zone is currently being watered. Other functions can also be integrated here, such as lighting, awning control or the display of current wind data, cistern fill level etc. Fabro thus becomes a control unit for the garden and patio. Thanks to its robust aluminiumhousing, the touch panel is particularly suitable for such harsh environments. In addition to patios, outdoor kitchens and greenhouses, it is also frequently used in workshops, for example.

The KNX system often provides additional data that is interesting for outdoor areas. In addition to the soil moisture readings, other sensor data can also be used to control the irrigation for resource-saving gardening: 

For example, area irrigation is adapted to the outside temperature and is suspended once on particularly hot days to avoid evaporation and save water. Artificial irrigation is also switched off when a weather station reports wind, as well as in the event of natural rain. The detection of rain showers or strong winds via a weather station installed on site is also important for awnings, which are installed on many terraces. This means that the sensitive fabric is also protected via KNX in the event of local weather events. The data from an online weather service is too inaccurate for this. In the event of such a rain or wind alarm, the user can immediately see on the Fabro KNX display that the shade has been retracted for protection.

For many sociable garden lovers, lighting is also important to extend the summer evening even further. Lights can be switched on and off via KNX at dusk. The brightness value for this is provided by the weather station, and the time or people on the patio can be used as additional criteria.

If cistern water is used, a tank sensor can report the remaining content and KNX automatically switches between rainwater or fresh water. But provision can also be made for relaxed use of the garden: If a presence detector recognises that the patio is being used for a longer period of time, the lawn sprinkler is blocked so that the garden party won’t be crashed by sprinklers.

All these functions can be set up as automatic functions via logics in the KNX system – and of course also displayed as information on the Fabro KNX panel. Depending on the existing sensors and equipment, the personal garden dream can be realised. Various devices such as irrigation control, weather station, fill level sensor and display work together seamlessly in the KNX system to ensure resource-efficient irrigation, provide safe comfort in the outdoor area and maintain an overview at all times.

The easy-to-install Jardana system makes it easy to get started with smart gardening and is integrated into a future-proof system via KNX. In this way, the irrigation control system contributes to successful, sustainable gardening for years to come.

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