ISE 2023

ISE 2023 31 January – 3 February 2022 Barcelona, Spain Rise Up. Reconnect. Ignite the Future. Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s leading AV and systems integration exhibition. ISE 2023 will showcase the world’s leading technology innovators and solutions providers. In addition there will be five days of dedicated conferences, events and experiences.

KNX Plays Major Role at Expo Dubai

From 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, the world will be watching Dubai. 192 countries gather here for the Expo and use their impressive pavilions to present themselves to the over 25 million expected visitors. As sustainability is one of the Expo’s main focuses, KNX, the world’s leading technical standard for home and building […]

Steinel’s Sensor Technology Organises Meeting Rooms and Workspaces

STEINEL’s sensor-based Smart Workspace solution makes it possible to recognise the use and utilisation of office space, analysing it and optimising it on the basis of data. In addition, flexible workplaces and meeting room bookings can be organised in a smart and Covid19-friendly way. The basis of this solution is the HPD2 KNX optical sensor. […]

Robust Design: KNX systems can survive Internet failure

Simon Buddle explains that with a little critical thinking at the design stage, the impact of an Internet outage can be minimised when other platforms fail. Much has been said about the 4th utility – indeed access to the Internet is pretty much taken for granted in most of the UK. Even for those difficult-to-reach […]

Outlook for 2022: KNX Powers On

Yasmin Hashmi summarises interviews with the KNX Association and a selection of its members to see why KNX is so popular around the world, and what its direction of travel will be during 2022. Whatever the challenge, be it a pandemic or catastrophic climate change, KNX is up to the job. The resourceful KNX community […]

KNX Association Updates ETS eCampus for ETS6

The ETS eCampus has now been completely updated for ETS6. This free online learning tool for beginners provides expert knowledge on home and building automation with KNX and ETS6. It will help you to get started with the basic concepts of the KNX bus, even if you are not familiar with this technology so far, […]

Eelectron Adds New K Series Actuators to its KNX Portfolio

Eelectron is pleased to announce the new K Series actuators, a new range created to specifically respond to the needs of lights and generic loads control in combination with the management of shutters and blinds or specific basic automation needs where digital outputs are required (eg. irrigation, gates). The devices BO04K01KNX, BO08k01KNX and BO04k01KNX are […]

ABB Smart Lighting Saves Energy for Sweden’s Smartest School

When students and teachers at Kattegatt high school in Halmstad returned after the summer holidays, it was to a state-of-the-art, newly built school equipped with Sweden’s first brain gym. An automatic control lighting system from ABB helps to make the new school both energy-efficient, safe and comfortable. After many years in older, dilapidated buildings and […]

Siemens Facilitates Implementation of Human Centric Lighting

New DALI-2 certification for Siemens Desigo PXC3 and KNX gateway N 141 as well as switch/dim actuator N525D11 Certification ensures interoperability in multi-vendor environments Lighting based on circadian rhythm helps improve health conditions in indoor environments Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s building products KNX/DALI gateway N 141 and the switch/dim actuator 2x DALI Broadcast N 525D11 as […]