Ingenium Offers Bes VIIP Touch Panel Combining Home Automation Control and Video Intercom

Advanced home automation control and video intercom in a single touch device VIIP is a new range of touch screens with integrated WEB server and support for SIP communications. This allows the screen to also act as a video intercom, offering call forwarding when connected to a network with a third-party SIP outdoor unit. Versatility in visualization and protocols […]

KNX Association Announces 30% Off ETS6 from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

From 26th until 29th November 2021 (CET time) and for those 4 days only, KNX Association is offering 30% reduction on new ETS6 licenses or updates to it. Don’t miss this opportunity! This special offer covers all ETS6 products (Professional, Lite, Home) on new licenses or updates. Conditions New ETS6 Professional/Home/Lite Update to ETS6 Professional/Home/Lite […]

Fasel Elektronik Joins the KNX Association

Fasel GmbH is a service provider in the field of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). What began more than 30 years ago with customised production for domestic industries, has now become a company with two business units: sauna control units and contract manufacturing. There are currently over 30 employees, most of whom have been with the […]

Steinel’s HPD2 KNX Sensor Technology Enables Smart Workspace Solutions

Sensor technology that organises meeting rooms and workspaces STEINEL’s sensor-based Smart Workspace solution makes it possible to recognise the use and utilisation of office space, analysing it and optimising it on the basis of data. In addition, flexible workplaces and meeting room bookings can be organised in a smart and Covid19-friendly way. The basis of […]

AV Industry Ready to ‘Rise Up. Reimagine. Ignite the Future’ at ISE 2022

ISE is the must-attend event for AV professionals and the next edition will be a vibrant and exciting one! With a redesigned show floor, compelling five-day conference programme and new demonstration areas – ISE 2022 will enable exhibitors to ‘Rise Up. Reimagine. Ignite the Future.’ With more than 700 exhibitors committed to take part in […]

Light + Building 2022 Focuses on Connected Security

Security is a need whose importance in society is continuously increasing. Whether digital threats, extreme weather conditions or health risks – one crisis is followed by another. Accordingly, the demand for security technology equipment and systems for homes and buildings is increasing. As the leading national and international industry platform, the topic of “connected security” […]

Security: configuring KNX Secure systems in ETS

Mark Warburton explains the basics of KNX Secure and gives a step-by-step explanation of how to configure KNX Secure systems in ETS. There are a lot of things that make KNX stand out against other systems – the key one being the standardisation of the system which is represented by over 30 years of backwards […]

KNX Secure: protecting installations from inside and outside

Thomas Weinzierl explains the evolution of KNX Secure, why it is needed, what it comprises, how it works, how it can be applied and what it means for those making KNX products. Communication and data processing are hardly conceivable today without considering security aspects. Indeed, insecure communication systems are fast becoming unacceptable. The way has […]

Best Practice: how to beat the hackers

Mark Warburton gives some great practical advice on how to secure legacy and future KNX systems, with examples of products offering a range of security features and tips on how to take advantage of them. After years of warning of the risks of leaving network ports open, the KNX Association has recently announced that there […]

Interview: Joost Demarest on KNX Secure

With the threat of hacking ever-present, KNX Association has developed KNX Secure – a robust security solution for wired, wireless and IP-based installations. In this exclusive interview with KNXtoday, KNX Association CFO & CTO, Joost Demarest, talks strategy and implementation. KNXtoday: Why is security a priority for KNX Association? JD: In the past, there was […]