ZF Provides Flexibility, Cost and Energy Efficiency with Battery-Free KNX-RF Pushbutton Module

Big topics of discussion within the lighting sector include sustainability, energy efficiency, low cost systems, connectivity and convenience through flexibility. One solution to address these issues, is the wireless and battery-free RF pushbutton module designed by ZF. For the connection between lighting components and pushbuttons in buildings, cables are the established solution. This variant seems […]

ISE Announces Over 700 Exhibitors Confirmed for Barcelona 2022

ISE 2022 returns with a vibrant and inspiring edition, a redesigned show floor and new demonstration areas guaranteed to enable exhibitors to ‘Rise Up. Reimagine. Ignite the Future.’ Exhibitors are signing up in significant numbers to take part in ISE 2022, the destination for world-class brands to showcase the latest technologies in pro AV. With […]

KNX Secure Checklist

Checklist for increased security and privacy in KNX installations. https://www.knx.org/knx-en/for-professionals/benefits/knx-secure/KNX-Security-Checklist-en.pdf

KNX Secure – KNX Position Paper on Data Security and Privacy

This paper is intended as a guide for both installers as well as KNX manufacturers to learn about the current measures that can be undertaken to increase security of KNX installations. www.knx.org/wAssets/docs/downloads/Marketing/Flyers/KNX-Secure-Position-Paper/KNX-Secure-Position-Paper_en.pdf

KNX Provides the Tools so Installers can Prevent Cyber Attacks

Smart Buildings are the subject of cyber attacks Smart building installations, including those based on KNX, are increasingly the subject of cyber attacks. In the case of KNX, these attacks can be easily avoided by ensuring that installations are never directly accessible via the Internet unless it is via a VPN. The KNX Association issued […]

ISE 2022: Barcelona – sharing the excitement

ISE connects people and markets and showcases products and solutions from the world’s leading technology suppliers and solutions providers. Our international exhibitors are at the heart of show. Here are some of the Voices of ISE. www.iseurope.org

Goldmedal Electricals Joins the KNX Association

Goldmedal Electricals was established in 1979 with a vision to create electrical switches and accessories that make a positive difference in the lives of consumers. Starting from a small manufacturing unit in Mumbai, today the company manufactures a vast range of electrical products including various types of switches, home automation systems, security systems, entertainment devices, […]

JUNG KNX Push-Button F 10 – Classic Design Meets Intelligent Technology

New push-buttons for the smart home: the JUNG KNX push-button F 10 looks like a classic light switch, but masters intelligent KNX technology. It is available in the Standard and Universal versions and as an extension. In the Universal and extension combination, it guarantees a particularly cost-efficient electrical installation. The KNX F 10 push-button masters […]