CONTROLtronic Living Emotions app Turns Any iOS Device into a KNX Controller

The CONTROLtronic Living Emotions app for iOS provides a high end solution for sensor replacement with unlimited functionality for building control in one single app. Combined with an Apple smart device, it enables convenient control and visualisation of KNX installations. The user interface, as well as its configuration, are designed for easy and intuitive use. […]

BSRIA Finds Building Automation Controls Market Set to Bounce Back after Hit by COVID-19

BSRIA has updated its forecasts for Building Automation Controls (BACS) based on research into the major global markets. The short- term impact of COVID-19 has been significant, with the global BACS market declining by an expected 10% in 2020 instead of the 4% growth forecasted in March last year. All the major geographical regions have been hit, […]

J2 Innovations FIN microBMS Supports the Creation of Control Systems for Prefabricated Buildings

Flat-pack buildings with pre-installed intelligence According to Fortune Business Insights, the global modular construction market size was valued at $67.4 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $106.22 billion by 2027*.  Prefabricated construction, a manufacturing process where the walls, roofs, floors and modules of a building are built off-site in strictly regulated-environments, offers many […]

KNX Journal 2021

The annual Smart Home and Building solutions magazine is now available to the KNX community worldwide: The KNX Journal 2021. Learn more about this year’s highlights, such as: – the new alliance of building Standards: IP-BLiS– KNX IoT taking shape– find out what makes ETS6 ‘Secure, Smart and Open’– and last be definitely not least: […]

Light + Building Breaks New Ground by Launching Contactor

It all revolved around bits and bytes. The sector used the last season as an ideas booster. And focused exclusively on the digital sphere. With intensive use being made of its special capabilities as an interface. At the same time, the digital sphere can only be as successful as its physical basis. Despatched on 13 […]

KNXtoday Partners with KNX Association

KNXtoday and KNX Association are pleased to announce a partnership agreement that will see KNXtoday magazine now being published by KNX Association. The partnership will improve KNX Association’s communications of its strategies, plans, events and news to the KNX community and beyond through a programme of high-quality content delivered via the KNXtoday digital channels. KNX […]

Futuresource Consulting Looks at How Homes are Slowly Embracing the IoT revolution

Our homes are quickly getting smarter. From smart meters helping us to better manage our energy output to smart security cameras monitoring possible criminal activity, the internet of things is quickly being built around us. By 2024, 47% and 27% of households will own a smart security and monitoring device in North America and Western […]

Constantly on the Move: KNX Association reviews 2020 and previews 2021

By Yasmin Hashmi, KNXtoday In this brief interview with KNXtoday, KNX Association personnel give their views on how 2020 changed the KNX world, and what we can look forward to in 2021. Franz Kammerl, President KNXtoday: Were there any positives to come from 2020? FK: I am very proud of how everyone involved with KNX […]

View from America: sustainable infrastructure using active site technology

By Philip R. Juneau, ATC. A little over six years ago, I was honoured to co-author an article entitled Active Site for the longstanding publication ABB Review. This explained how renewable energy, together with on-site generation and storage on an industrial or large campus site (i.e. microgrid), can provide energy independence whilst using the energy […]