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CONTROLtronic Living Emotions app Turns Any iOS Device into a KNX Controller

The CONTROLtronic Living Emotions app for iOS provides a high end solution for sensor replacement with unlimited functionality for building control in one single app.

Combined with an Apple smart device, it enables convenient control and visualisation of KNX installations.

The user interface, as well as its configuration, are designed for easy and intuitive use.

You can choose between the simple and clear control with the room control view in touch sensor design for hotel room applications, and the structured menu navigation with zones for smart homes.

You can combine the app with the CONTROLtronic Glass Pad – the flush wall mounting solution for iPads – to replace common KNX sensors, displays, timers and visualizations without any additional server or hardware.

• Light Control
• RGB(W) Color Control
• Shutter/Blind Control
• Room Thermostat
• Timer
• Scenes
• Browser and Video Integration
• Video Door Speaker Station (SIP)
• Audio Control (iPad as multi room audio client without additional hardware)
• Function Module (logic and time functions)
• Room Control User Interface (as control center for all room control functions)

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