Tapko Technologies Becomes KNX Accredited Test Lab

At the end of April 2013, Tapko Technologies, successfully completed the ISO 17025 audit conducted by the KNX audit team of its newly set up KNX test lab. Tapko Technologies is now only the second European and the third worldwide, KNX accredited test lab to achieve this accredited both for Interworking/Functionality as well as Lower […]

LARS Andrzej Szymanski Joins KNX Association

Since the company’s founding in 1984 by engineer Andrzej Szymanski, LARS developed from gas heating systems, two years later to lightning, temperature controllers and shortly afterwards pump controllers (formerly known as Euroster). Over the years the company’s offer has been enriched with air conditioners, biometric locks, lightning tests and measurements services. LARS is specializing in […]

Hermos Joins KNX Association

HERMOS is an international group of companies active in the fields of automation and information processing. Headquartered in Mistelgau and present in eleven other national and six international locations, HERMOS plans and implements automation and integration solutions for buildings, facilities, industry, energy and environment. HERMOS offers all services under one roof: design and engineering, software […]

ABB Australia Offers KNX Introduction Breakfasts

ABB i-bus® KNX is based on the simple and proven KNX technology which is accepted as the world’s first open standard for the control of all types of intelligent buildings – industrial, commercial or residential. Breakfast events will be organised every third Thursday of the month: · 7-10am in VIC ABB office (601 Blackburn Road, […]

KNX Training Center Doha Runs Basic Course 2-6 June 2013

The KNX Training Center in Doha, Qatar, is running a five-day KNX basic course from 2-6 June. Aimed at companies that want to specialise in the KNX technology, the manufacturer-independent course provides staff with the possibility of becoming a KNX partner by participating in the KNX Basic Course and receiving the respective certification. The course […]

Eelectron Offers KNX I/O Module and Eelecta Range of User Interfaces

Eelectron has recently launched an I/O module for in-wall installation, and the eelecta range of user interfaces. The Eelectron IO32D01KNX module is equipped with 2 x 6A relays, 2 x digital inputs and 1 x analogue input. Each output can be configured independently for load control (on/off, staircase function, lock function, delays on activation/deactivation, scenes) […]

KNX/EIB Training Documentation by Gira

This online distance learning course includes simulations and documentation of the exercises from the two-day live in-house seminar “Gira KNX/EIB” Note This training does not replace the attendance of the two-day live in-house seminar Gira KNX/EIB. It is not a complete online distance learning course for KNX/EIB, but instead an aid for review following the […]

Basalte Presents Asano Multiroom Audio System

Basalte, a young Belgian company, known for its unique design switches and room control solutions based on advanced touch technology, is now extending its product range with Asano: an advanced KNX mulitiroom audio system that fills every room with crystal clear music and offers unequalled performance, flexibility and simplicity. Asano is a networked multiroom audio […]