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Eelectron Offers KNX I/O Module and Eelecta Range of User Interfaces

Eelectron has recently launched an I/O module for in-wall installation, and the eelecta range of user interfaces.

The Eelectron IO32D01KNX module is equipped with 2 x 6A relays, 2 x digital inputs and 1 x analogue input. Each output can be configured independently for load control (on/off, staircase function, lock function, delays on activation/deactivation, scenes) or continuous switching (on/off or PWM for valves). Outputs can be configured in pairs for the management of shutters (blinds, weather alarm, lock function).

Digital inputs can interface with free potential contacts as sensors, traditional buttons, etc, to support switching, dimming, blind/shutter control, sequences or scenes. The analogue input can be connected to a temperature sensor in order to have a room temperature controller for heating and cooling equipment, valves, 2- and 4-pipe fan coils etc. Control algorithms can be different for heating and cooling.

For the residential market, the eelecta range is fully based on KNX and comprises KNX HomePads, MiniPads, the Touch panel, and Socket frame. The range has won various design awards including the Red Dot, Design Plus & Interior Innovation.

The 90mm x 90mm eelecta MiniPads is available in three colours (ceramic white, chrome, matt black and customisable finishes. It features a central cross (black, red, white), which customises the product with different finishes. The front has 5 LED status indicators that are freely configurable via ETS, one for each button channel plus the corner LED for locating the device at night. The MiniPads is available in models with 4 or 8 channels, an optional temperature sensor for room thermostat applications, and four optional rear free inputs.

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