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Tapko Technologies Becomes KNX Accredited Test Lab

At the end of April 2013, Tapko Technologies, successfully completed the ISO 17025 audit conducted by the KNX audit team of its newly set up KNX test lab.

Tapko Technologies is now only the second European and the third worldwide, KNX accredited test lab to achieve this accredited both for Interworking/Functionality as well as Lower Layer testing.

With the ever growing number of different microprocessor families, on which the KNX protocol is implemented, the KNX world therefore warmly welcomes a new KNX test lab, able to accept testing orders from KNX manufacturers for testing compliance of their implementations to the KNX OSI Layers, starting from the Data Part of Link Layer onwards. The reports issued by this Test lab are then accepted by the KNX Association as the basis for KNX certification of the corresponding products.

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