KNX News App

Thanks to the KNX News App the KNX community and, in particular our professionals, will be informed with the latest and most important news of KNX. When you want to know what’s happening in the world of KNX, tap into the KNX News App.  Use this new channel to: read the latest news from the […]

KNX Virtual Reality App

The KNX Virtual Reality APP (KNX VR) is as an entry game to enjoy a virtual tour around a virtual smart home. By using this APP in combination of any 3D glasses, you will be experience the main smart applications and benefits a basic smart home can have installed. The tour is done in an […]

KNX Web Service Gateway

Demonstration of the KNX Web services with a technology demo gateway oBIX implementation. Includes an image to be used on a Raspberry Pi 2, can import an information model created by the “ETS App Web service exporter”. For info and download, visit:

KNX Web Service Exporter ETS App

Demonstration of the KNX Web service information model. Allows you to create an XML file with the KNX information model from an ETS project. The exported project can be used with the KNX Web service gateway demo. For info and download, visit:

terminal-App by Alexander Bürkle

With terminal-App you can import KNX projects from terminal, the universal online configurator. In addition to the requirement specification generated by terminal, you can import floors, rooms and group addresses directly to your ETS project.

EI_Import by Nautibus

Electrical installation Import EI Import generates a ETS5 project from a CSV list of actuators and circuits. The list can easily be created using Excel or a text editor. The project produced contains all the necessary group addresses, the building structure and the actuators. It can be further processed with the ETS5 or EIplan5.

Griesser GPA App by Griesser

Griesser GPA (Griesser Protocol Analyzer) can decode, record and save KNX bus telegrams of the type 6-byte Griesser object. The GPA app works as a supplement to the Bus or Group Monitor integrated in the ETS. The Griesser GPA app must be launched separately from the Bus or Group Monitor and simultaneously records all KNX […]

JUNG Catalogue App

The informative JUNG catalogue app now makes accessing detailed product information even simpler. Equipped with the complete JUNG main catalogue, the app provides an overview over the whole product portfolio, including specifications, tender texts, and device images. As a result, the catalogue app is ideally suited for electrical installers, architects and planners: Load the app […]

Online KNX Product Catalog by KNX Association

Due to the success of KNX, also the range of available KNX products is extending. The applications that need to loaded into KNX devices, can be downloaded from the individual KNX member company websites. This task a such can be very cumbersome. With the ETS App “Online KNX Product Catalog” this situation has changed, the […]

EIdoc App by Nautibus electronic

EIdoc is an automatic documentation generator, which can print out a detailed project documentation. It uses all the inputs of an Eplan ETS project. The documentation includes: • A list of system groups with data type and source • Floor plans with electrical planning • Floor Plans with dimensioned lamps and sockets • Lists of […]