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EIdoc App by Nautibus electronic

EIdoc App by Nautibus electronic

EIdoc is an automatic documentation generator, which can print out a detailed project documentation. It uses all the inputs of an Eplan ETS project. The documentation includes:

• A list of system groups with data type and source
• Floor plans with electrical planning
• Floor Plans with dimensioned lamps and sockets
• Lists of circuits with main group and functional groups by spaces
• List of cables with lengths and terminal numbers
• list of fuse
• List of KNX devices sorted by rooms and bills of material for floors
• Lists of installation material with BOMs, in which, for example Sockets are resolved in your items. To this end, configurable switches programs are used .
• Distribution plans as assembly drawings
• Distribution BOMs with KNX devices, fuses and terminals
• Distribution diagrams generated automatically With EiPLAN and EIdoc the ETS4 is a complete and largely automated planning tool for electrical installation , which can save you a lot of routine work.

The Special feature of this solution is that all entries are made in the ETS and all the data in the ETS project will be saved. You do not need any external programs or CAD systems and no file export or import. All input options of the ETS remain fully usable and your project is always on the current Status

Note: The use of EIdoc without ElPLAN makes no sense!

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