W3C Group Note: Web of Things (WoT): Use Cases and Requirements

The Web of Things is applicable to multiple IoT domains, including Smart Home, Industrial, Smart City, Retail, and Health applications, where usage of the W3C WoT standards can simplify the development of IoT systems that combine devices from multiple vendors and ecosystems. During the last charter period of the WoT Working Group several specifications were developed to […]

KNX Energy Management: now and in the future

Technical presentation by Joost Demarest available until 31 March 2022. For the time being, KNX Energy Management concentrates mostly on collecting momentary values and realizing a corresponding energy management in a central device and/or visualization. With the prEN50491-12-2, mechanisms are introduced to allow devices to communicate their energy flexibility, i.e. to tell what they are […]

How to protect your KNX installation with ETS6

To ensure maximum security in your KNX Installations, this video explains everything that needs to be considered to achieve a secure KNX installation. The video has been designed to make sure that people are not trying to take advantage of possible security loopholes in installations. In many installations, such loopholes are unfortunately very straightforward. Watch […]

Juniper Research: Smart Cities – Technologies Shaping the Urban Future

Juniper Research’s whitepaper, Smart Cities – Technologies Shaping the Urban Future, provides an overview of some of the best uses of smart cities technology currently being utilised, and provides a roadmap for the future development of several technologies. As well as this, it offers information on the winning city in the Juniper Research Smart City […]

ETS6 vs ETS5 Comparison

The new ETS6 is here! Building on the valued ETS5, the ETS6 offers a range of new and improved functions, including enabling KNX System Extensions to be used in any KNX project and an improved ‘browser-like’ user interface. The result? ETS6 is ready for your future KNX project requirements, however big or complex they are. […]

Juniper Research Top Ten Tech Trends 2022

The Juniper Research analyst team reveal their top technology and telecommunications trends for 2022, with detailed analysis on why they believe these trends will become prevalent, and who will benefit from them most. 10. 5G Capabilities to Drive Adoption of Private Networks9. Video Games Subscriptionsto Consolidate to Focus on Content8. Streaming Platforms to Capitaliseon Rise […]

KNX Secure Checklist

Checklist for increased security and privacy in KNX installations. https://www.knx.org/knx-en/for-professionals/benefits/knx-secure/KNX-Security-Checklist-en.pdf

KNX Secure – KNX Position Paper on Data Security and Privacy

This paper is intended as a guide for both installers as well as KNX manufacturers to learn about the current measures that can be undertaken to increase security of KNX installations. www.knx.org/wAssets/docs/downloads/Marketing/Flyers/KNX-Secure-Position-Paper/KNX-Secure-Position-Paper_en.pdf

ISE 2022: Barcelona – sharing the excitement

ISE connects people and markets and showcases products and solutions from the world’s leading technology suppliers and solutions providers. Our international exhibitors are at the heart of show. Here are some of the Voices of ISE. www.iseurope.org

ISE 2022 in 60 Seconds

Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s largest AV and systems integration show. Since it started in 2004, the four-day tradeshow has become the European destination for the global AV industry. ISE 2020 hosted over 1,300 exhibitors and attracted over 116,000 visits. With the show moving to Barcelona in 2022, here’s a one-minute taster of what […]