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KNX Toolkit for Professionals

Are you a professional looking to bring your KNX business to the next level? KNX Association has just the thing for you – the KNX Toolkit for Professionals! Designed to make your life easier and your business more successful, this kit is packed with everything you need to showcase the benefits of KNX smart home technology to your customers.

An overview of the contents

  • Leaflet: Get a quick and easy-to-understand introduction to KNX with this A4 handout. Perfect for those first meetings with your customers!
  • Objection handling manual: Show that you have an answer to common objections with the KNX objection handling manual. This is a specifically made Q&As to clear up any doubts your customer might have.
  • Web Content: Ready-to-use content about KNX for homeowners, you can instantly add to your website.
  • KNX-Branded Video Guide: Offer an attractive website with a professionally-edited video about KNX for homeowners.
  • Checklists: Keep your projects on track with handy checklists for project management, handovers, while ensuring security and privacy in KNX installations.
  • Social Media Templates: Add eye-catching posts on your social media channels about KNX Smart Homes.
  • Best practices: Are you about to start a new project? Check our best practices guide together with your customer to make sure that the highest standards recommended by KNX Association are followed.
  • Guidelines: Learn the best ways to use all these great resources to your advantage.
  • ‘KNX Inside’ Logo: A new sticker for your distribution boards containing KNX installations. Now you can mark your KNX skills and leave your contact details right where your customers can see them.This toolkit is more than a collection of files – it’s a game changer for your business. It is specifically designed to help you connect better with customers, answer their questions, and inform them about the benefits of a KNX smart home.

The KNX Toolkit for Professionals is freely available for anyone with a MyKNX account.

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