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JUNG adds multi push-button insert to LS 1912

Multi push-button insert extends LS 1912 with an additional toggle lever position

The multi push-button insert adds an additional toggle lever position to the LS 1912. When the upper or lower switch position is actuated, two contacts are closed simultaneously.

This solution offers an aesthetic upgrade to the traditional switch design and enables a versatile use in intelligent building automation.

This makes the LS 1912 with multi push-button insert particularly suitable as a control button for relay switching. For example, blind control with slat adjustment is possible.

LS 1912 as a KNX push-button

With the multi push-button insert and the KNX push-button interface, the LS 1912 becomes a KNX control unit. The combination of the devices covers many functions. For installation behind the flush-mounted insert, a deep flush-mounted box is required . With LS 1912 as a KNX push-button, smart functions can be harmoniously integrated into a classic ambience. Mounting is possible in multiple combinations.

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