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JUNG offers precision and energy efficiency with new KNX heating actuator 6-gang

Innovative solution for controlling heating and cooling systems

The heating actuator is a central component for any modern heating system in a KNX smart building. With its six electronic outputs, it can control up to four (AC 230 V) or two (AC 24 V) valve drives silently, and is compatible with both de-energised closed and de-energised open valve drives. The integrated technology enables seamless and efficient room temperature control, with up to twelve independent room thermostats (RTR) integrated directly into the device.

In addition to precise temperature control, the heating actuator also focuses on energy efficiency. Its advanced heat demand and pump control optimises energy consumption by transmitting the largest active control variable directly to compatible condensing boilers to determine the ideal flow temperature. In addition, the actuator enables intelligent control of the circulation pumps, which are only activated when required, significantly reducing energy consumption.

The new JUNG KNX heating actuator 6-gang with KNX Data Secure enables the central control of up to six independent heating or cooling zones. Each zone can be individually controlled to the desired temperature. The integrated adjuster allows individual setting and monitoring of the temperature in each zone. The actuator is ideal for use in commercial and residential buildings to make heating and cooling processes more efficient and comfortable. Thanks to the possibility of individual zone control, energy consumption can be optimised. The new JUNG KNX heating actuator 6-gang can be updated via the JUNG ETS Service app.

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