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Faradite launches TAP5 – ORE capacitive touch switch range

Faradite is thrilled to announce the launch of its incredible new switch range, the TAP5 – ORE! This 5 gang capacitive touch switch is made with 8mm thick solid brass, designed and manufactured in Britain and hand finished to create four finishes.

The TAP-5 ORE switches are as technically astounding as they are aesthetically, backed with KNX technology that offers some incredible functionality. With 5 different function types to choose from as well as an integrated temperature sensor, this switch offers an elegant way to control every aspect of the modern smart home.

Included in the ETS entry is the option to create, what Faradite is calling, ‘Smart scene plate’ configurations. This allows integrators to quickly and easily create intuitive scene controls using the 5 gang layout. The middle button always provides a room on/off toggle, with the outer four buttons being discreet scene control. Advanced features allow for full customisation using all major KNX data types when required. 

The RGB status feedback LEDs can be customised to respond to each touch of the sumptuous brass as well as indicating which scene is currently on, optimising the user experience. It also features notification LEDs option, allowing the user to be notified when any key events occur in their homes, such as someone has rung the doorbell or arrived at the gate.

Customers can choose between four finishes: Brushed Brass, Brushed Antique Brass, Brushed Nickel or Brushed Jordan Bronze to compliment any interior and add a touch of glamour to the space. Matching wiring accessories in these four finishes are available from Focus SB to further elevate interiors. 

Understanding the requirement to be able to custom mark switch functions, Faradite has worked carefully to ensure the TAP-5 ORE switches can be neatly, subtly marked whilst maintaining the elegant look of the switch.

The launch of the ORE range brings together the technical excellence that Faradite is known for and the pinnacle of design and style. The TAP-5 – ORE is a product that will astound integrators, architects and interior designers alike.

Contact Faradite today to learn more about the TAP-5 ORE keypads.

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