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ProKNX and Future-Shape partner to change the way the care sector works

French company ProKNX and Future-Shape GmbH, based in Southern Germany, are pleased to announce their partnership to bring the Aragon smart speaker and innovative SensFloor® together to create an essential smart technology solution. The two award-winning companies have a long history as specialists in the smart technology sector. The Aragon smart speaker spans the divide between the KNX standard and the world of AI sensors. The smart speaker can then act as a bridge for all other KNX products that are integral to a particular solution. The solution has already been showcased to work seamlessly in the e-Haus of the ZVEH (Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke), that has been fully optimised with KNX products and smart devices, all compatible with the KNX protocol.

Working in tandem the two products will allow new safety and security measures to be put in place for people living in their own homes, those in residential homes, and also for people in care-homes. This is a huge advancement for the care sector, as accidents can be speedily dealt with thanks to constant unobtrusive monitoring of residents’ movements.  This will directly limit the damage done by falls, the leading cause of injury-related mortality in the older population.

The special flooring from Future-Shape is a large, discreet sensor system that can be installed under any kind of flooring. The smart floor detects presence and movement of people without the need for pressure. The signals are sent wirelessly to a transceiver. The transceiver, in turn, calculates the number of people on the floor, their direction and speed, as well as detects falls. As data privacy is of paramount importance to both Future-Shape GmbH and ProKNX, the information recorded is anonymous and completely in compliance with data privacy laws

Coupled with the smart-flooring, the Aragon smart speaker from ProKNX speaks directly to the resident in case of anomalous information collected by the Sens-Floor® to ask if assistance is required. In the case of an affirmative response, or if no reply is received, the smart speaker will contact an outside carer or family member to request immediate help.

There are multiple use-cases for Sens-Floor® coupled with the Aragon smart speaker installation. These range from health care and Assisted Living, to home automation and security.

Node-Red can be used for the effortless integration of Sensfloor® and Aragon for any smart system installation. Generating code is simple to do by implementing a node developed by FlowFuse. The node uses AI to generate code an integrator needs to achieve interoperable functionality.

More information on the ease of creating Node-Red code with AI to set up a smart-home solution can be found on the HeyAragon developer website run by ProKNX.

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