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PEAKnx offers more logic in the smart home with YOUVI 4.5 visualisation software

Our KNX visualisation software YOUVI is now available in version 4.5. With the release including four significant innovations as well as additional enhancements, YOUVI is even more attractive for smart home users.

Intelligent control of sound systems via the logic module

Residents of Smart Homes can look forward to enhancements in the functionality of their sound systems: The YOUVI logic module can now automatically change the volume or mute sound systems as soon as a certain event occurs. Pausing is also possible. Those who have created their own playlists and favourites, can use the logic module to play them at their whim, e.g. at a certain time of day. These functions can be set up individually for each sound zone used in the house.

Smart expansion of the door station module

As of now, multiple door stations can be integrated into the YOUVI visualisation software. For commercial buildings, this is particularly useful if they are located on large sites and have several entrances, such as goods entrances or rear entrances. Integrating the door stations into the logic in smart homes provides for actions to be automatically triggered when the doorbell is pressed. For example, the volume of the sound system will be turned down when the doorbell rings or the light in the entrance area will be switched on to welcome visitors in a bright atmosphere at certain times of the day. In addition, the bell can be muted on certain panels, which is perfect for families where smaller children are asleep at certain times. Furthermore, a new button in the door station widget allows direct access to the camera without the need for the doorbell to ring. In this way, residents always have an overview of their smart home’s entrance area. In addition, a door opener button is displayed if, for example, the garden gate is connected via KNX or http.

But YOUVI 4.5 also offers a useful new feature for those who do not use a door station module: The camera image from surveillance cameras can be brought to the foreground and displayed on full screen with the camera add-on and the logic module when, for example, the doorbell rings or motion is detected via the motion sensor.

Individual lighting atmosphere with the new Yeelight and Philips Hue bridges

For those who want to create a particularly pleasant atmosphere in their smart home and to adjust the brightness in the rooms as needed, it is possible to quickly and easily integrate dimmers and RGB lights including Philips Hue motion detectors into YOUVI via the Yeelight or Philips Hue Bridge. All that is required is the Yeelight or Philips Hue app. YOUVI automatically finds the lamps in the network, and they can easily be integrated.

ISE Remote connect offers enhanced security for remote access

The ISE Remote Connect tool is an innovative solution for giving system integrators remote access to KNX installations. Access can be granted or blocked as needed, giving residents of smart homes full control over any access at any time. Automatic parsing also enables a quick set-up and there is an additional widget for the visualisation. With ISE Remote Connect, users can see in real time who currently has access, change access rights or grant access at certain times only.

More innovations

  • With YOUVI 4.5, status values of the bridges Yeelight, Philips Hue, Netatmo, Trådfri and NTUITY can now also be sent via the KNX bus.
  • PEAKnx has further optimised the project editor: Thanks to the new drag & drop function, devices can now be effortlessly moved to other rooms.
  • YOUVI now supports projects of the automation software ETS in version ETS6.1.
  • In the YOUVI logic module, the functions “up/down”, “step up/step down” are now supported as actions for group shading. Furthermore, it is also now possible to use device groups as conditions.
  • Residents of smart homes now have the option of adjusting the temperature in their rooms in smaller steps of 0.5°C.
  • Within YOUVI Connect, users will receive a better overview of KNX devices and rooms in the future, as an additional column for rooms and device types is now displayed in YOUVI Connect.

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