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GVS unlocks a breath of fresh air with CO₂ sensor

Featuring a built-in high-precision CO₂ sensor, this new product from GVS serves as a CO₂ controller in public areas and provides real-time visualisation of indoor air quality. The detection data is conveniently display on a smart home panel, allowing the user to stay informed.

With the GVS Smart Touch V50s/V40s you can customise alarm thresholds across different levels, each represented by a unique colour, ensuring clear and intuitive monitoring.

Built-in Alarm Function

Users have the flexibility to customise alarm thresholds with the KNX CO₂ Sensor. It seamlessly activates switches or scenario functions based on different levels. For instance, when the indoor CO₂ concentration surpasses the user-defined threshold, the sensor promptly triggers a built-in sound alarm, alerting users to open windows or engage the ventilation system for fresh air circulation.

Realised Intelligent Control

When utilised as a control panel, the device can be seamlessly integrated with the ventilation system to enable intelligent control based on CO₂ concentration. This makes it an ideal option for achieving energy savings while maintaining indoor air quality.

Support for KNX Secure

The KNX Secure features can be enabled or disabled through ETS. When operating in secure mode, data is effectively protected from unauthorised access and manipulation through encryption and authenticated installation.

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