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JUNG provides more flexibility for KNX Smart Panel 8 touch display with latest update

With an update, JUNG has extended the functional range of the KNX touch display Smart Panel 8.

Among others, the intelligent touch display enables the following applications:

  • Remote access (SP8-Remote): With remote access, users can individually control their heating, lighting and shading via KNX at any time, even when on the move. Secure access via the cloud.
  • Push notifications: In addition to e-mail notifications, push messages can also be sent to the smartphone or tablet.
  • In-app system update: With the associated JUNG app Smart Vision, the KNX touch display can be easily updated. This creates significantly more convenience and flexibility.

For full functionality and compatibility, the panel and the app (smartphone/tablet) must be updated. The JUNG KNX Smart Panel 8 touch display is the solution for visualising the KNX system. No server is required. The Smart Panel 8 enables the control of KNX building functions. The installation takes place in existing device boxes with dimensions according to DIN 49073 (recommendation: approx. 60 mm deep) or JUNG installation housing EBG 24.

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