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HMS Networks presents Intesis 700 Series – a new concept for protocol translation

HMS Networks presents Intesis® 700 Series for protocol translation, a new concept that breaks the old reliance between hardware and software.

700 Series is the new platform concept for Intesis Protocol Translators. This concept enables interfaces for multiple Building Automation protocols in the same hardware so, the user can pair the combination using Intesis MAPS. The process is called late configuration.

Adapt your protocol translator to each project’s needs.

Having different protocols available on the same hardware enables multiple possibilities for integration. Each one of the combinations is defined as an application.

This is HMS Networks’ new approach to building automation protocol translation, reducing the number of order codes, and increasing their configuration flexibility.
This way distributors can increase their stock and simplify order code management, while integrators can configure gateways with new applications (no need to know the type of integration beforehand).

IN-701 KNX is the common platform for KNX

This gateway has communication interfaces compatible with KNX, BACnet, Modbus, and ASCII, allowing choosing the desired combination later in the configuration phase. The available options are:

  • KNX – Modbus Server
  • Modbus – KNX client
  • KNX – BACnet server
  • BACnet – KNX client
  • KNX – ASCII server

The platforms are available in different versions depending on the number of variables to be integrated, supporting from 100 up to 3000 points.

Configuration and diagnosis with MAPS

MAPS is the universal configuration tool for Intesis protocol translators. It is a free tool that allows using device templates to import data automatically, it supports conversions such as scaling and offset to transform data values and enables advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting. This way you can reduce the commissioning time. Now, for 700 Series products, it also enables application swap, reducing potential interactions with help desk technicians.

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