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Faradite announces flush mounted Motion Sensor 360 – KNX

This new PIR motion sensor has the same tiny dimensions as their much loved Motion Sensor 360 – Volt Free, flush mounted with only a 49mm front, but the KNX sensor is jam packed with loads of functions and features.

The Motion Sensor 360 – KNX can perform 4 independent functions, each with independent parameters. It has 6 different function types to choose from including switching, dimming value transmitter, scenes, HVAC, constant lighting control and advanced value sending with 10 different value types. It’s safe to say the potential uses for this sensor in a KNX installation are vast!

Taking a closer look at some of the other exciting features this sensor offers, it has a day/night mode, allowing different functions to take place depending on the time of day. It features a brightness sensor allowing it to behave differently depending on the current light level in the room. It also has master/slave capabilities, which means multiple sensors can be connected to cover larger spaces and will work seamlessly together. It also features push button input technology which allows the sensor to be connected to a KNX switch which can be set to override the sensor’s normal functions, providing maximum flexibility and a fantastic user experience.

One great feature the KNX device offers is the Constant Light Control (daylight harvesting) function. This dynamically adjusts the programmed dimming channel to maintain a brightness setpoint in the room. So, as an example, in a room with lots of natural light, the lights may dim to a low level when it’s bright enough, but if the natural environment becomes darker the lighting channel will gently increase the lighting to ensure the brightness setpoint is always maintained.

Faradite is a proud member of Made in Britain and all products are designed and made in the UK. The new KNX motion sensor is no different, making it one of the very few UK made KNX devices on the market. All tech support is UK based, and the Woking based team are on hand to answer any questions the KNX integrator may have. 

The list of features in the new Motion Sensor 360 – KNX is huge and KNX integrators should be sure to look closely at the device for their upcoming PIR requirements. The sensor is available now in both white (M360-W-KNX) and black (M360-B-KNX) and the Faradite team is on hand to answer any questions.

You can find more information at:

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