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ProKNX launches Aragon2 ChatGPT-Enabled Smart Speaker at ISE 2023

Booth 2L400, ISE 2023

ProKNX, a member of the KNX Association, has announced the launch of Aragon2,  its new voice-controlled smart speaker at the upcoming ISE 2023 in Barcelona.

Aragon2 is the first smart speaker that works both offline in an isolated network for appliance automation, or in an online mode to access ChatGPT.  The smart speaker has proven interoperability with other automation products through use of the KNX IoT 3rd Party API protocol.  

Although privacy of data is the primary focus, the capacity of Aragon2 has been augmented so that the end-user can make the choice of using the device in an isolated network for full privacy, or in a partially externally-connected mode to query ChatGPT. 

The Aragon2 smart speaker will be part of a KNX Association demonstration of the automation-industry changing KNX IoT 3rd Party API protocol in conjunction with the Schneider ElectricWiser gateway in Hall 2, Booth 2L400. CEO of ProKNX, Christian Kiefel, will also be on hand to demonstrate all the new features of the ProKNX smart speaker.

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