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EAE Technology offers the Mona Hotel Series of glass touch panels

The Mona Hotel Series product family consists of glass touch panels with unlimited configuration options.

DND-MUR panels (with IP65, horizontal or vertical placement options), thermostats, switches, cardholders and sockets (EU, BS, modular) can be used as single units as well as combined monoblock panels in modules of 2-fold, 3-fold, 4-fold or more.

Thermostats have 0 to 8 buttons, switches have 1 to 12 buttons, cardholders have 0 to 6 button options. All of the buttons and thermostat LCDs are RGB and have long-short-double press functions.

Products can be customised in the desired colours. The web configurator for Mona allows system integrators to configure the product easily online.

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