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Smart Building Conference 2022 Keynotes

How Google has scaled digital buildings – Kathy Farrington, Google, Global lead for Digital Buildings Program (BOS) and IoT Team manager

Google’s vision for a digital building is to create an open, secure and digital infrastructure that allows for any device Google adopts to be able to support the applications and use cases for its buildings. This session explores how Google has created a global and scalable Digital Building program, and key tips on how it was achieved including process, policy, people & technology.

Empowering The People – Dan Drogman, Smart Spaces, CEO & Co-Founder

As government writes in to law their COP26 commitments including listed businesses required to evidence their 2050 Net Zero strategies within the next two years, the impact buildings have on climate change can no longer be ignored. We’re seeing owners and the businesses who work in their buildings, conscious of their combined environmental impact, begin to align and the demand for balancing user-experience while optimising the energy consumed, is the new goal.

Leading the way are the buildings which place sustainability and people central to the design. It is Smart buildings which continue to deliver the highest form of this combined approach. As the hype and discussion around Smart buildings versus Intelligent buildings continues, getting your smart building specification right is now the challenge of our age. The best way to know you are on the right track is to experience the tangible, smart technologies successfully deployed live in buildings today.

The real estate industry continues to navigate a steep learning curve with the introduction of Smart technology where communication protocols, naming conventions, data formats and system architecture, while providing a comfortable engaging working environment to ensure the user-experience is not forgotten. In my opinion, Smart and intelligence comes from starting with the User and delivering a first-class experience with the smallest carbon footprint.

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