Smart Energy Management with KNX – E-House

This year, at the E-House booth, the focus was on the future-oriented topics of “energy management”, “sector coupling” or “intelligent health”. Rene Rieck introduced Smart Energy Management with KNX during Light + Building 2022.

KNX Secure, Energy Management and KNX IoT at Light + Building 2022 videos

KNX IoT explained at Light + Building 2022 Thanks to the KNXnet/IP protocol, KNX has been capable of using IP networks to communicate between devices, as well as between servers and clients. Expanding into the IoT world with KNX IoT however, qualitatively increases interoperability at IP level, making KNX the largest ecosystem in the building […]

KNX Newsflash Special – Light + Building 2022 Parts 1 and 2

Hall 12 B91 & Hall 11.1 C92 Light + Building will be held in Frankfurt am Main from the 2nd to the 6th October 2022. The focus of the fair will be on intelligent and connected solutions, forward-looking technologies and current design trends. Experience the latest developments in the KNX technology. Get your free ticket via

Smart Building Conference 2022 Keynotes

How Google has scaled digital buildings – Kathy Farrington, Google, Global lead for Digital Buildings Program (BOS) and IoT Team manager Google’s vision for a digital building is to create an open, secure and digital infrastructure that allows for any device Google adopts to be able to support the applications and use cases for its […]

KNX Secure Day 2022 Videos

KNX Association held its KNX Secure Day on June 29th 2022. The agenda was: Welcoming Session – Event Warm-Up (With Quiz) Panel Discussion – “Security and KNX” Presentation KNX National Group Portugal Presentation KNX National Group TBA KNX Quiz KNX Secure – Updates Panel Discussion – “The impact of KNX Secure” Presentation KNX National Group […]

KNX UK – Cyber Security to Climate Change Videos

On the 15th June 2022, KNX UK members and thought leaders came together at the KNX UK CPD event to discuss and debate some of our industry’s hot topics. The event, held in Farnborough and led by KNX UK, had the main objective of up-skilling integrators, developers, designers, architects and consultants in KNX and its […]

KNX Secure Day Presentations

KNX Secure Day might be over, but you can still catch up on content you missed by viewing recordings from the event!

KNX IoT Summit Videos

KNX IoT new developments, first product and solutions with technical details from the KNX IoT Summit in May 2022.

KNX Startup Forum 2022 at IoTSWC

The first KNX Startup Forum took place on 2022 at IoTSWC in Barcelona. We introduced the KNX Startup incubator, plus 2 of our incubators presented their products (Simlab, Solaregy). Finally, we gave away the first Startup Elevator Pitch award to Can’nx.