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PEAKnx Offers Controlmicro KNX Control Panel as PoE Version

PEAKnx, manufacturer of innovative hardware and software components for building automation, offers its 8” KNX control panel Controlmicro as a PoE variant. Professionals and building owners are thus given an additional option for supplying the room controller with voltage: as a Power-over-Ethernet variant, the Controlmicro obtains power via the network cable instead of the conventional power line. Due to the tight supply situation worldwide, the PoE variant will initially only be available in a limited number of units.

Power-over-Ethernet as an alternative option

With the new PoE variant of the Controlmicro, PEAKnx offers an additional option to solve the 24V power supply also without conventional power lines simply via an Ethernet cable. The classic power supply variant often brings additional challenges such as the required cabling and space for a power supply on the DIN rail. In addition, attention must be paid to a maximum cable run length of the REG power supply of 10 meters to the next sub-distribution. The PoE variant, in contrast, does not require a separate power supply unit. Instead, the device can be connected to a PoE switch that supplies multiple devices with power and Ethernet simultaneously.

Flexible integration and easy mounting

The Controlmicro Smart Home Panel can be easily installed above a standard 55 mm switch box. Depending on one’s preference, the KNX room controller can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. Like the two larger PEAKnx panels Controlmini and Controlpro, the Controlmicro works under Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC. It can be operated with the included PEAKnx software YOUVI as well as with other common visualisation programs for room and home control. The Controlmicro can be used as a client or, for smaller projects, as a stand-alone KNX server. A direct KNX connection and the included IP router software make it possible. The panel is characterised by its ambient lighting as well as integrated sensor technology. Loudspeaker and microphone are also integrated for use as intercom for door stations.

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