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Vimar Offers Eikon Tactil IP55 Transponder Reader

Dust- and water-resistant technology and styling

With the Vimar Eikon Tactil IP55 transponder reader, even the entrances to spaces that are directly accessible from the outside can be controlled efficiently without having to worry about the weather affecting the operation of the device.

Eikon Tactil transponder readers, with the KNX standard, are now available in a kit that includes a special mounting frame making them IP55, i.e. protected against dust and above all water sprays from any direction.

The ideal solution for resorts comprising bungalows, tourist resorts, major hotel complexes, as well as buildings in the service industry that want to control access even where exposed to critical weather conditions without foregoing the styling of the facility.

Indeed, this offer combines the top-performing technology of Vimar’s KNX devices with the stylish design and premium textured finishes that distinguish the Eikon Tactil series. Available for both horizontal and vertical installation – in the diamond black, diamond white, aqua and pearl grey plate glass versions – the device can be customised with the room number.

The kit is completed by a practical suction cup to extract the reader from the mounting frame without damaging it.

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