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Theben Offers KNX MIX2 Actuators with KNX Data Secure

The modular MIX2 actuator family with KNX Data Secure offers maximum flexibility and security in KNX building automation. In addition, older MIX2 devices can also be retrofitted with KNX Data Secure via the exchangeable bus coupler.

The optimal MIX for more flexibility

Theben MIX2 actuators open up expanded design possibilities in KNX building automation. Up to two extension modules can be connected to one base module. In this way, the number of output channels per bus device is tripled and lights can be switched and dimmed, sun protection controlled or heating regulated exactly as required. Window and door contacts as well as switches and push-buttons can be integrated via the binary input. The system offers a total of 121 possible combinations.

There is a base module and an extension module of each type. This flexibility brings great advantages in planning, as you often don’t know exactly how many actuators are actually needed. With the MIX2 system, you can still respond to change requests during installation – even after commissioning, as long as there is space for an extension module. The MIX2 concept also saves space in the distribution board. Only the MIX2 base unit has a bus coupler. This is removable and can be replaced quickly and easily if necessary. In addition, costs are reduced because the extension devices can be connected to it.

KNX Data Secure easy to retrofit

Current MIX2 actuators from Theben are already equipped with KNX Data Secure and thus offer maximum protection against eavesdropping or manipulation. However, devices that are more than 10 years old can now also be retrofitted with KNX Data Secure. The key to this lies in the exchangeable bus coupler in the base device. Customers are thus free to choose whether they want to use KNX Data Secure or not. In terms of price, there is no difference and the additional effort is extremely low.

The QR code on the device is used for installation. This must be scanned and provided with a project password once. The ETS does the rest automatically. In this way, the devices can be registered during installation or at the desk. Even mixed operation is possible: If a device is not “secure”, the entire line does not communicate “unsecure”. Rather, only the telegrams of this unit are transmitted unencrypted. All other telegrams that this device does not need can be encrypted. A Secure actuator can also communicate with an Unsecure participant at any time, the telegram is then unencrypted. The ETS also does this automatically. In this way, existing systems can also be retrofitted. Even the use of special components that are not available with Data Secure is possible. Nevertheless, the system security remains high.

Here is a video about the MIX2 actuators with KNX Data Secure, and you can read the Whitepaper ‘MIX2 Aktorik – Upgrade to KNX Data Secure’ at

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