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KNX IoT Keynote Event Presentation

KNX Association rolls out its new innovation that brings the IoT (Internet of Things) technology to its smart homes and buildings solutions. Laying the foundation for a smarter and sustainable future, the keynote event for the unveiling was held on 5th April at 10am (Brussels time).


– Heinz Lux (CEO, KNX Association) – The future of IoT in Home and building automation

– Joost Demarest (CTO, KNX Association) – The KNX IoT Technology highlights

– Jesús Arias (Membership & Business Development, KNX Association)

– Luís Catalán (Schneider Electric) – 1st Device KNX IoT already Available

– Marek Kozlak (CEO, Simlab) – 1st KNX IoT Solution

– Casto Cañavate (Marketing Team Leader, KNX Association) – The KNX IoT Program

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