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Eelectron Introduces 2-Channel KNX-DALI Gateway

Eelectron is glad to announce the extension of its products portfolio with the new 2-channel KNX-DALI gateway for controlling up to 128 DALI drivers.

The DALI Gateway IC02D01DAL is a device used to control electronic ballasts (ECGs) with a DALI interface (in accordance with EN 62386) via the KNX installation bus. The device converts switching and dimming commands from the connected KNX system into DALI telegrams and status information from the DALI bus into KNX telegrams. The IC02D01DAL is equipped with two DALI outputs which are independent from one another. 64 ECGs can be controlled, individually or in up to 16 DALI groups, via each output.

Main features:

– 64 drivers per channel (total 128).
– Management of all drivers individually or in groups (16 groups per channel).
– Small size, only 4DIN.
– Compatible with DALI2 drivers
– Management of Dynamic White DT8, RGB DT8 and RGBW DT8 drivers.
– Meter, alarms, errors, scenes, …..
– Manual control buttons and status LEDs

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