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Steinel’s Sensor Technology Improves Energy Efficiency and Guest Services in the Hotel Industry

The quest for sustainability and more efficiency for the environment as well as increased cost pressure are moving intelligent sensor solutions into focus in the hotel sector. The presence of guests in their rooms plays a key role here. The True Presence® presence detector from STEINEL provides this information digitally with absolute certainty. It can be used both for energy management and to improve the guest’s sense of well-being. The result is greater guest comfort and more efficiency gains.

Modern sensors from STEINEL act like a building’s sensory organs and control classic functions such as lighting or heating in an energy-efficient way as part of building automation. At the same time, however, they are also capable of opening up new areas of application that lie beyond building control. The new generation of STEINEL sensors is making a significant contribution. Comparable to human sensory organs, they are able to perceive something, analyse collected data, convert it into information and learn. Repetitive processes can thus be automated and the use and operation of rooms and facilities can be made easier. By linking state-of-the-art technology with building management, STEINEL is thus creating the conditions for many of the conveniences that today’s hotel guests can expect.

True Presence® KNX delivers digital data

Thanks to its special detection technology, the True Presence® KNX presence detector from STEINEL can tell with 100% certainty whether a guest is in their room or not. It detects the guest’s presence irrespective of the person’s movement, as the sensor reacts to the natural breathing movements of the person. This means that presence is also reliably detected when the guest is reading or sleeping. The sensor thus provides the digital data on the basis of which both energy consumption and guest comfort can be optimised.

Less energy, more comfort

The hotel’s energy management uses the information from the True Presence® KNX presence detector as to whether a guest is in his room or not. The intelligent sensor technology ensures that the air conditioning is only activated when the guest enters his room. The climate is only controlled while the guest is present. If the presence detector registers that a guest has left their room, the room temperature in the empty room is lowered, for example, by 2°C after a certain period of time. Imperceptibly for the guest, this saves up to 12% energy. The comfort of the hotel guest is not affected by this, because True Presence® KNX controls the heating, air conditioning and ventilation according to their wishes when they use the room again. With the True Presence® multisensor, other room parameters such as humidity or brightness can be detected and controlled in addition to pure presence, so that a guest feels optimally comfortable in their room.

Vision Hospitality

In future, digital information about the presence or absence of a guest can also be used to optimise processes, such as the control of service staff via app. Using a software solution, the cleaning staff can display the respective room status via a tablet on their cleaning trolley. In this way, vacant rooms can be cleaned without disturbing the guest. At the same time, cleaned rooms can be reported immediately to the reception for re-letting, which in turn leads to improved occupancy. In addition, the hotel management can plan the service staff better and utilise them more efficiently.

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