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JUNG 4-Gang KNX LED Universal Dimming Actuator – Half as wide but twice as good!

Consciously put rooms into their best light

Optimum lighting according to requirements and occasion significantly enhances comfort in a smart building. The JUNG KNX LED Universal dimming actuator, 4-gang, enables reliable dimming of energy-saving light sources. It is also VDE-certified and future-proof as it works with KNX Data Secure and effectively encrypts all KNX telegrams.

The JUNG KNX dimming actuator is impressive due to its high functionality in a compact design. The dimming actuator has eight logics, converters, comparators as well as filter and time functions. It also has optimised and adjustable dimming characteristics in the time and value range. However, with only 4 rail units, it is only half as wide as its predecessors. This results in clear cost advantages. If a new firmware version is available, installers can install this via the JUNG ETS Service App. With the dimming actuator, JUNG creates the best conditions for individual and safe lighting scenes. Thanks to KNX Data Secure and update capability via the ETS Service App, the dimming actuator is future-proof. The KNX Data Secure encrypts and authenticates the data on the bus line (Twisted Pair) or via wireless communication (RF). KNX secure prevents attack scenarios such as telegram recording, telegram replay or modification.  and the transmissions are protected from manipulation.

The advantages of the JUNG KNX LED universal dimming actuator, 4-gang, at a glance:

  • Reduced width
    Half as wide, but twice as good: The width of the new dimming actuator has been halved to only 4 rail units. That effectively saves space in the distributor.
  • Single height design
    Due to the single height design, wiring is more convenient and clearer.
  • Integrated logic functions
    Logics can be set up decentrally and without a configurator.
  • Minimal load for HV-LED = 1W
    Thanks to the reduced minimum load, users can choose from a wide range of compatible and dimmable luminaires.
  • ETS 5 optimised database
    The parametrisation is much more intuitive with the new actuator generation.
  • VDE certified

Put KNX Secure into operation: safely, quickly and easily thanks to innovative apps

Professional installers need the certificates of the individual KNX Secure components to make a KNX installation secure. They must be integrated in ETS and are therefore printed as a QR code directly on the JUNG devices. The time-intensive and error-prone process of typing the device certificates is no longer necessary using the JUNG KNX Secure apps:

  1. Scan certificates
    The printed KNX certificates are scanned before the installation. This is done with the JUNG KNX Secure Scanner smartphone app
  2. Install KNX Components
    As soon as the certificates have been scanned for all devices, the installation of the components in the object is carried out.
  3. Import Certificates
    With the help of the JUNG Secure Key Loader ETS app, the previously scanned KNX certificates are conveniently imported using a certificate list.
  4. Update KNX Components optionally
    All JUNG twisted pair KNX devices can be conveniently updated with the JUNG ETS Service App.

Learn more about the JUNG KNX dimming actuator:

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