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BAB TECHNOLOGIE Equips EIBPORT with HOOC Plug & Play VPN for Secure Remote Access

BAB TECHNOLOGIE integrates the Plug & Play VPN solution of the renowned Swiss provider HOOC into its EIBPORT gateway and thus enables a convenient and cost-effective solution for secure remote access to connected smart home or smart building components – without expensive additional hardware.

The HOOC CONNECT E Gateway in the EIBPORT V3 connects to the HOOC Cloud via an encrypted and secured VPN connection. This forms the core of the HOOC VPN solution and provides, in addition to an extensive user administration, many additional features such as a KNX bus monitor and alarm messages with push function. The HOOC CONNECT E Gateway is now available via a free update for all EIBPORT V3.

Applications and product benefits

Secure remote access to all visualisations, such as CUBEVISION 2 and CONTROL L, is a matter of course as well as remote maintenance, remote programming and diagnosis of KNX installations. Access is independent of the Internet provider and routers used. Even with IPv6 Dual Stack Lite (e.g. with Unitymedia), LTE or UMTS connections, access to all functions and to any network components such as IP cameras and NAS drives is possible at any time without any problems.

Security is a top priority: all data is transmitted using 256-bit AES encryption. If desired, the login can be additionally secured with a 2-factor authentication. The HOOC servers are located in Switzerland and are subject to European data law.

The “concierge function” also allows end users to grant their installer or system integrator maintenance access to their system at the touch of a button. Optional functions such as intelligent alarming via e-mail or HOOC app as well as a web-based KNX group monitor including data logging complete the extensive range of functions.

Product Highlights

  • Tested data security: All data is protected according to Swiss security standards. Strict security audits by “InfoGuard” ensure high availability and secure, DSGVO-compliant data transmission.
  • Secure remote access: Secure remote access to all visualisations (CUBEVISION 2, CONTROL L, etc.) also via smartphone and tablet.
  • No additional hardware: The HOOC CONNECT E gateway is available via a free update for all EIBPORT V3. This eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate gateway for data-secure remote access.
  • Secure remote maintenance: Secure remote maintenance, remote programming and diagnosis of KNX installations. With the concierge function, users grant their installer access to the installation at the touch of a (KNX) button.
  • Secure remote programming: Uninterrupted and data-secure programming via ETS5 software even with a slow internet connection.
  • No router configuration: Complicated setup steps such as port forwarding, certificate management and DynDNS services are a thing of the past. End devices are simply connected to HOOC Portal.
  • IPv6-Ready: Even with IPv6 Dual Stack Lite (e.g. with Unitymedia), LTE or UMTS connections, the connection to the object is possible at any time.
  • 256-bit AES encryption: All transmissions are encrypted and thus all data is reliably protected. The connection is realised by means of a 256-bit strong AES encryption with SHA signing.
  • Full VPN server: Full access 24/7 to all functions of the network components used, such as IP cameras and NAS drives.

Further information and access to a test licence are available at:

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