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Ekinex Offers EK-BW1-TP Voice Control Interface for Connecting Home Speakers to a KNX System

Ekinex has developed a gateway with an interface function between a KNX network (TP, twisted pair) and home speakers equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Thanks to the new interface EK-BW1-TP, that can be easily installed in a DIN-rail cabinet, it is possible to supplement a pre-existing KNX home automation system with Google voice control (Google Assistant) and Amazon (Alexa). In this way, owners of electrical installation based on the KNX standard will be able to use their own home speaker in order to control all the functions of their home: lighting (on/off, dimmed and RGB), motors (open/close stop and position) and climate control.

The addition of the gateway for Ekinex’s voice control to a KNX electric system is quick and user-friendly: the installer can directly import the .knxproj project through the web interface and proceed with the association of KNX group addresses with compatible object categories. Via Google home app or Alexa controls on Amazon Echo and compatible products, it is possible to create scenes and automations, skills or routines to simplify your daily routines.

For product details and to download the technical documentation, please visit the dedicated page.

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