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Weinzierl Introduces the MATCH 55 Push Button Series with Security for KNX TP and KNX RF

Switching today: it’s not rocket science, it‘s rocker science!

For building owners, the choice of switch material is at first a question of design. Costs and technical possibilities should not be overlooked. Many switch ranges on the market are manufacturer-specific and cannot be combined with products from other suppliers. At the same time, the technical possibilities are often limited. If the customer wants a flush-mounted radio, for example, not all design programs have a suitable solution.

A clever alternative is offered by frames with the standard format of 55 mm as the internal dimension. This format is supported by numerous suppliers. These include well-known manufacturers such as Merten, Gira or Jung. Meanwhile, Busch Jaeger from the ABB Group also offers a line of switches and sockets in this format. The universal applicability results in numerous combination possibilities. Thus, these frames can be combined with products from other manufacturers.  For example, there are numerous suppliers for antenna and network sockets or room temperature controllers. Even a mixed installation with a bus system together with conventional switches is possible without a design break.

At the same time, the choice of an appropriate frame material results in a wide variety of designs. If plastics, metal or elegant real glass – there is a suitable variant in the 55 dimension for everyone.

Standardization also allows installers to optimize their procurement and warehousing. Components such as network sockets are universal and can be inserted into the frames without binding on manufacturers. Only the appropriate design frames need to be procured on a project-specific basis.

This diversity and openness were reasons for the Weinzierl company to use the 55 mm standard for its pushbuttons. This is underlined by the name of the pushbutton series “MATCH 55”.

The series includes the push button module “KNX Push Button 420” for KNX TP and the wireless alternative “KNX RF / ENO Push Button 440”. The wireless push button is battery powered and supports KNX RF and the EnOcean protocol. The BUS push button and the wireless push button support KNX Security and EnOcean Security, to be prepared for future requirements. A 24 V version completes the range for the usage with any smart home system.

The pushbuttons are characterized by a very soft pressure point. They are available as single or series rocker. The 55 mm standard allows a large clearance for both, installers and customers. Open standards create open markets. Product compatibility frees users from the constraints of proprietary solutions of individual suppliers.

The Weinzierl MATCH 55 Series includes:

  • KNX TP Push Button 420 secure with single rocker
  • KNX TP Push Button 420 secure with double rocker
  • KNX TP Push Button Interface 420 secure – KNX push button interface 4-fold
  • 24V Push Button 436 with single rocker – Potential free push button
  • 24V Push Button 436 with double rocker – Potential free push button
  • KNX RF / ENO Push Button 440 secure with single rocker
  • KNX RF / ENO Push Button 440 secure with double rocker
  • Frame Fusion 1-fold white
  • Frame Fusion 1-fold anthracite
  • Glass frame Fusion 1-fold white
  • Glass frame Fusion 1-fold black

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