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Thinka Supports Energy Monitoring for KNX via EVE Energy HomeKit App

It has been demonstrated that using KNX can bring energy consumption down considerably – by 40-60% in some cases. To reduce your energy consumption to such extend, you want to be able to monitor the energy levels, and preferably per device.

With Thinka situated on the KNX-bus, Thinka is able to gather the energy consumption data of individual KNX devices that support energy measurement. The next step is to have this information visualised.

The Apple Home app is not set up to visualise energy consumption, however there are several other HomeKit Apps that do just that. Thinka has selected Eve Energy.

Eve Energy – a HomeKit App

Thinka connects your KNX home to a HomeKit app specialised for energy monitoring of home devices: Eve Energy app.

Thinka supports Energy Monitoring via our BETA channel. Go to your Thinka’s web interface and go to the support page in the menu. You can switch your Thinka from stable to beta FW4.3.1300.

Enable Energy Monitoring for your KNX home

Add an Accessory to Thinka via the Thinka web interface. Choose Service “Energy Monitor” and provide listen group addresses for the following functions:

– Power (Watt) – Data Point Type 14.056
– Energy Consumption (kWh) – Data Point Type 13.010
– Voltage (V) – Data Point Type 14.027
– Current (A) – Data Point Type 14.019

Download and install the Eve Energy app. The energy consumption data of your KNX devices is shared by Thinka with HomeKit, and is accompanied with a code. The data together with the code can be read by Eve Energy for the values to appear as Watt, kWh, V and A. By configuring Eve with the cost per kWh, you can monitor the cost per device as well!

Now you can start monitoring and fine-tuning your energy consumption. Perfect ways to do so are by installing automation such as Geofencing or Adaptive Lighting.

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