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Eelectron Announces New Universal Fancoil Controller TC57A01KNX

Eelectron is glad to announce the extension of its KNX products portfolio dedicated to HVAC with the new Universal Fancoil Controller TC57A01KNX.

The device has 3 0-10 V outputs and 3×16 A relays. Two 0-10 V outputs are dedicated to the management of proportional valves, variable speed management be done with the third 0-10 V output or with the 3 relays on board. If relays are not used for speeds, they can activate lights or other loads.

An input is also available for reading 0-10V or 4-20mA signals to interface external probes for temperature, humidity, CO2, etc; the third 0-10 V output can also be configured in this mode, as input.

There are also 5 digital inputs for dry contacts in order to connect buttons, window contacts, alarms; 2 inputs can be connected to NTC temperature probes.

The logic inside the device can manage a 2/4 pipes fan coil with an internal 2-stage PI algorithm. A sophisticated parameterisation allows its use in modern systems that require a differentiation of the behaviour between speed and valves (independent regulation differentials), ventilation to avoid air stratification, logics for efficient maintenance of comfort and energy saving.

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