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KNX Simulator Allows You to Learn KNX by Practising

KNX Simulator S.L., is a Spanish startup that has developed innovative KNX home automation simulation software.

Our wide experience related to the construction sector and to the KNX standard, the urgent need to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in current and new buildings, together with the difficulty of accessing practise training experienced by many sector professionals worldwide, which would allow them to include automation in buildings, are the main reasons we have created a simulation tool. Our tool allows you to learn the implementation of control functions in houses and buildings based on KNX, by practising and without caring about where you are (online) and without acquiring hardware.

KNX Simulator allows its users to design, wire, configure, commission and verify simulated installations, just as it is done in a real project. Thus, not only learning is facilitated, but also previously acquired knowledge is strengthened.

No steps skipped: after designing and wiring the installation in the simulator, connect with the ETS to the simulator’s IP gateway, download the real application program of the device with the ETS, configure it and program your installation. And if you want, control it from a mobile device.

Like a real installation

You can see how KNX Simulator works at

We believe that KNX Simulator can be the practical tool for:

  • Educational institutions, either public or private, which include building automation/control in their academic programmes. Up to now, there are more than 200 vocational training centres in Spain which are currently using KNX Simulator.
  • Official KNX training centres which currently cannot cover the demand of remote learning.
  • Thousands of professionals worldwide, which have already obtained their KNX Partner certificate or any type of training in the standard, who want to renew their knowledge by practising after their learning process.
  • Professionals and experts of the construction sector who are interested in the world of intelligent houses and buildings.
  • KNX manufacturers whose devices are part of our simulation catalogue, with a constant need of instructing their sales people, stores which distribute their material and potential customers of their brand.

Learn KNX by practising! For more information visit:

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