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J2 Innovations Introduces New Version of KNX IP Connector for Integration with FIN Framework

J2 Innovations, a Siemens Company, has today introduced an all new version of their KNX IP connector to provide seamless integration of KNX devices with FIN Framework

FIN is an innovative, easy-to-configure and use software platform for building automation and IoT applications. The KNX connector software module is able to read a KNX project file and present all the KNX points/group addresses available in an installation within the FIN open platform. The automatic configuration allows engineers to seamlessly integrate and supervise the KNX components, along with other devices and systems that use other protocols. FIN Framework acts as the global system controller and/or building automation supervisor.

“From lighting, HVAC, shutters, intruder alarms, and audio-visual systems to energy management and control, metering, monitoring systems; there have been a myriad of manufacturers that have developed KNX devices for building control applications,” says Matteo Pierone, Director of Professional Services EMEA at J2 Innovations. “Native KNX integration within a single management platform will remove a significant engineering overhead for OEM developers who routinely integrate multiple buildings protocols within complex BMS systems.”

Pierone continues: “When compared with many of today’s KNX-specific controllers for commercial applications, FIN Framework offers users a major upgrade in supervisory and system control; offering a more powerful and richer feature-set for monitoring, scheduling, alarming, visualization, analytics and IoT functionality.”

FIN has a comprehensive suite of apps including a powerful and flexible graphics editor to deliver highly intuitive user interface designs. All visualization is HTML5 compliant and fully responsive, for an exceptional mobile client experience.

FIN is natively built on tags, supporting the latest Project Haystack open standard 4. FIN provides an intuitive user experience, intelligent data-management and analytics, simplified workflows and shares data to Cloud or other IT systems, via an IoT interface. The engineering process can be easily simplified through custom wizards that enable plug & play installation of pre-configured solutions.

J2’s latest Edge2Cloud capability adds a secure remote connection so engineers can access building data, servicing or upgrade the system without requiring the cost and complexity of a VPN.

“KNX is a popular standard, particularly for lighting, HVAC and energy metering sub-system applications across Europe and Asia. Adding the capabilities of FIN Framework, now in its 5th iteration, to KNX-enabled devices and appliances will enable OEMs to take systems to a new level of sophistication that is unmatched in the building automation and IoT spheres,” concludes Pierone.The KNX Connector is in early access with a full release incorporated into FIN 5.1 launch.

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