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iRidium mobile Offers KNX Integration Server for Complicated KNX Automation Projects

It Saves Budget

KNX Integration Server — TP1 interface, integration AV, Modbus, Z-wave, SIP-intercom, IP-cameras, custom interface, voice and remote control, logic, connection to cloud services.

KNX Integration Server has built-in tools to create basic logic fast: schedules, scenes, logic block-schemes, data exchange between equipment. JS is used for complicated scenes.

It is Liked by Users

Integrators often use beautiful interfaces by iRidium as a sales argument. They use ready templates or create their own styles. Control from a plan or a photo, a copy of an interface of another app, complicated schemes, animation, graphs, vibration and JS are just a few things that the visualization app can do.

It Provides Security in Remote Control

The visualization app works in the local network without Internet access, which suits high-security facilities. Encrypted remote connection via iRidium cloud is set in 1 click. Thus, remote control works without port-forwarding or white IP-address.

It Saves Time

The cloud stores interfaces and server configurations of each project. It means that you can upload updates, no matter how far you are from your customer. All a customer has to do is to download an updated project.

KNX Integration Server is all you need to control KNX:

  • creation of custom interfaces;
  • integration of protocols;
  • setting any logic and remote control.

Learn more about KNX Integration Server at

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