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iRidium mobile Releases New Controller to Create Smart Homes and Offices in 1 Day

When automating apartments and offices with KNX, complicated logic or custom interfaces are not required. Integrators dream of launching such projects without programming or additional costs. But remote control, integration of IP-cameras and SIP are required. A new controller by iRidium mobile – KNX Home Server – combines all of these components.

A project is set and controlled in the i3 KNX app, it works on iOS, Android, Windows devices.

Capabilities of KNX Home Server:
• convenient and fast import from ETS;
• interface from ready widgets (2 styles: light and dark);
• setting logic, timers, schedules, scenes, takes 5 minutes;
• capability to set a project remotely;
• integration with SIP-intercoms by Mobotix, DoorBird, 2N and other brands;
• a user can edit settings: scenes, schedules, add equipment, etc.

This video shows how easy it is to set an automation system with KNX Home Server.

KNX Home Server is a controller, a cloud and a smart visualization app to create easily an inexpensive control system of apartments, offices, houses based on KNX.

By the way, the controller can be tested. To test it, fill in the form at

Learn more about KNX Home Server at

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