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DINUY Launches New Detectors for UV Light Control

-Detectors that turn UV Light OFF when they detect movement in the room.
-New functionality, automatic timed switch on of UV Lamps.

DINUY launches two new references to the family of Motion Detectors, DM TEC IV1 and DM TEC IV8.

These products have been developed as a result of COVID 19. They are products that are used to turn off the UV light that is being used in rooms such as Hospitals, Shops, Waving Rooms, Offices, Commercial premises, etc., for disinfecting applications.

The new detectors DM TEC IV1 and DM TEC IV8 turn off the lighting system immediately, when they detect that people enter the UV work zone. Once the UV lamps are turned off, the lighting of the same will be delayed for 1 to 20 min (adjustable), before they reconnect and continue with the microorganism disinfection process.

The installation can be on the surface or ceiling depending on the model, the detectors have a maximum coverage of 360º and 7m at 2.5m in height.

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