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My KNX Store Webinars: Zennio Actuators, Capacative Touch Keypads, Touch Screen, Get Face IP and HVAC

Zennio Actuators Webinar with My KNX Store

Learn more about the Zennio KNX actuators range in this short webinar hosted by My KNX Store.

Zennio Capacative Touch Keypads Webinar with My KNX Store

In this webinar we take a quick look at the current Zennio offering in KNX capacative touch keypads. What they can control and how to customise them.

Zennio Touch Screen Webinar

Take a clook at the Zennio Touch Screen’s in this webinar from My KNX Store and Zennio UK.

Zennio Get Face IP Webinar

Find out more about Zennio’s door communication system Get Face IP and how to integrate it with your KNx system.

Zennio HVAC Webinar

Learn about the many soluitons for HVAC control with Zennio KNX.

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