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Gira Innovations Catalogue – On. Off. And everything in between

Plans are all well and good, but the current situation is also teaching us that it is just as important to stay agile, both in our minds and in our habits. Only by being flexible we can react quickly to changes and develop new solutions. For this reason, and with a view to shaping the future, we are constantly asking ourselves bold questions: Will we even need switches tomorrow?; What would it be like to control the room with our emotions?; How do you actually install emotional intelligence?; And isn’t technology supposed to understand people instead of vice versa? Only by addressing these issues we will be able to expand the horizons of our company and the industry.

We are, of course known for our switches. But also for so much more. Not just on or off, but also the whole world in between: pulse accelerators, thrill-seekers, futurists – fascinating and electrifying. We are system thinkers. Because we connect not only products at the highest level, but also an entire nervous system to make everyday life easier. We are designers, because design is not only in our blood, but is also award-winning. And, of course, we bear responsibility. On the one hand, for the quality of our workmanship, materials and products and, on the other hand, for our services, training courses, configurators and intensive consultation. But above all, we’re engineers with passion. Because our developments and innovations are always focused on people. And that is a great deal more than just on or off.

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LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors

LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors
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